Cheap windows?

Don’t you have questions why the prices of windows differ from company to company?

The answer is simple – prices differ mostly due to the technologically correct or incorrect completion of PVC windows. Like buying cream or cream alike product at the supermarket – prices differ as well as the product itself.

How do we know what is in the box?

A special attention must be drawn to the following parts of PVC windows:
1. PVC profile material (frame, casement, completion details)
2. Metal profile armature
3. Window opening mechanisms
4. Glass sets
5. Craftsmen

1. PVC profile material
Basic requirement for our climatic conditions is to choose PVC windows with at least 5 chamber profile (insulation ratio around K=1.4W/m2K), with frame width at least 70mm. The profile’s manufacturer (Aluplast, Schuco, Trocal, KBE, Actual, Rehau, Veka,Gealan, Brugmann, Panorama etc.) is not as important because the chemical content of profile materials are the same. Attention must be drawn to the profile’s width of cross-section walls because there is profiles that are more suitable to the market of Western Europe (thicker, Class A) and Eastern Europe (thinner, Class B). In Latvia it is allowed to use both classes. Usually the manufacturers of PVC windows work with standard window profile configuration (shapes of frame, casement and glass ledge) and individual project. Consequently, everything that is individually projected is expensive. All PVC windows have double sealing that is a standard.
Advice: PVC window profile should be at least with 5 chambers, profile width – 70mm.

2. Metal profile armature.
Metal profile armature is worked in the profiles of PVC windows before and after melting them. It is no possible to check whether the right thickness and configuration metal profile have been worked in the PVC window. For your knowledge, according to technology each dimension group of PVC windows have its own metal amplification with corresponding thickness of metal (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 mm, depending from profile). At this point usually the problem with non-quality PVC windows starts. For example, where it is necessary to put 2 mm metal amplification, manufacturer puts 1.2 mm, where it is necessary to amplify the frame with 2.5 mm; manufacturer puts 1.5 mm as maximum. Consequently, it is cheaper but when the frames of PVC windows during the winter cold of 20 degrees below centigrade and the PVC window profiles during the summer hotness of 35 degrees centigrade begin to spin and tilt, you will know who to blame.

Advice: Each PVC window profile manufacturer has special technological figures where the thickness of metal plastering is shown corresponding to the dimensions of PVC window profile. As well as maximal casement dimension. Please, ask that your PVC window would be manufactured after the right technology.

3. Window opening mechanisms
The most popular in Latvia are: Roto, Siegenia, Avan Tec, Wink Haus, Maco. As every mechanisms also these consists of details. The more details, the more comfortable is opening of the window, as well as the security of PVC window increases and vice versa. Minimum accessories set in order to close the PVC window is two hinges and handle. That is what you get for the cheapest price. Are you wishing that the casement of your PVC window densely sit to the frame (additional eccentrics will be needed)? Don’t be a scrooge and pay in addition! You want to turn-down the window? Price goes up again. Micro-ventilation, anti-breaking option for casement, handles with a button, handles with a lock, additional security against broaching of casement etc., as you see there is plenty of options but the price differs for each of them.

Advice: “Loguvīrs, Ltd.” considers that the minimal accessories set for PVC window should include:
Opening of PVC window casement in 3 states (opened, turn-downed, with micro-ventilation), close fixation of casement per perimeter around frame, anti-breaking option for casement (so called screw with rounded top that prevents casement opening from outside with a crowbar).

4. Glass sets
Glass sets takes up the biggest part of PVC window. That means that is has to be as heat sustainable as possible. If there is no special requirements then ask for the standard for PVC window with 2 glass set (4-16-4 LowE), whose insulation ratio is K=1.1 – 1.2W/m2K. If you want higher heat sustainability use 3 glass set (4lowE-12-4-12-4LowE) K=0.6 – 0.8 W/m2K. As mentioned in the article about choosing glass for PVC windows there is different types of glasses (SCHP, hardened, secure, flame-proof, bullet-proof etc.,) so if necessary you can choose corresponding glass for your PVC windows and do not be shy to ask for technical parameters (Ug-heat sustainability ratio, Lt-pellucidity, G-solar energy).

Advice:For your PVC windows choose the glass set (with “soft” selective cover), no less than 4-16-4LowE (K=1.1 – 1.2W/m2K)

5. Craftsmen
In order for you to receive qualitatively and technologically correctly manufactured PVC window, a qualified craftsmen are required who are able to technologically correctly:
– cut out PVC profiles,
– accessorize with appropriate metal,
– alloy window corners and furnish them,
– install appropriate PVC window opening mechanism,
– glaze the window with appropriate glass set,
– adjust PVC window,
– pack PVC window,
– deliver PVC window.

“Loguvīrs, Ltd.” offers all necessary technical information that is related to PVC windows and glasses. In the profile systems ALUPLAST Ideal 4000 and Schuco CT 70.