Demontage-installation of windows

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We offer: PVC window demontage-installation works

Demontage-installation works are a part of construction process. The best choice of course is to trust these works to the professional team. However, if for some reasons it is not possible, below is the information provided how to do it (on PVC windows and doors, because installation of aluminum and wood constructions is more complicated):

1. Free the space next to the window to be dismantled (so that there is free space to work and install the new window in the aisle). Take down curtains/shutters;
2. It is advisable to cover the floor, furniture and other objects in the room with polythene (because during demontage dust will arise);
3. Bind down plastering around the inner perimeter of old frame (if the wall is with wallpapers, cut them vertically about 5 cm from the edge of aisle because the plastering of the aisle may break or crumble while dismantling the window);
4. Take out casement of the old window;
5. Dismantle external tin windowsill because usually it has been hammered down to the old wooden frame;
6. Saw the old case and break it out to inside of the room;
7. Dismantle internal windowsill (usually plastering comes down around the corners of windowsill and under it);
8. Clean and sweep dismantled window aisle (from flax waste, shivers of plastering and construction waste etc.).

1. Usually prior to installation of PVC windows and donors are broken down by parts (glazed out, casement taken out), so that window installation would be easier and more convenient.
2. Attach corbels or, if necessary to install without them, drill holes for screws (corbels are fastened about 10 cm from vertical case corners but if the window is high, then with a space 30-40 cm also to the edges of frame and top of the frame).
3. Put the window into the empty aisle (usually instead of the old window), level it (on all three planes) and secure
4. Insulate frame with construction foam (if necessary with a special tape)
5. Glaze PVC window, install the casements in their place.

6. Cut out and install external window sill (do not forget to isolate final joint places with mastic (silicone, putty etc.)).
7. Saw and install internal window sill (on the corbels or impregnated wood blocks, etc.) and isolate the bottom of window sill with construction foam, cotton, plastic etc.

8. Adjust opening parts of the window

9. Clean the working space and take out construction waste

Finishing works are requiring additional costs in order for window installation to be complete.

Finishing works of window aisles:
1. Work on external aisle of the window (with silicone mastic or filler for outside works or with tin angles etc.)
2. Work on internal window aisle – if necessary insults it (with plasterboard that later is grounded and colored, or special finishing panels, or by filling etc.)

“Loguvīrs, Ltd.” suggests by ordering PVC windows and other type of windows/doors to trust this process to the professional craftsmen!