PVC windows

We offer Platform – Knowledge, Skills, Material, Craftsmen, and you can choose the type of the window and its color. We show you the way, the choice is yours.

We offer: 5 chamber PVC windows, 6 chamber PVC windows, and 2 glasses set U=1.1W/m2K, 3 glasses set U=0.7W/m2K. Accessories of the window have anti-cracking options. Window handles with a button or a lock. It is possible to incorporate mosquito nets.

PVC windows for house projects

19 project, 602 project, 467 project, Brick project, Lithuanian project, HZ project, Spec. project

– standard division and opening of windows
– heat sustainable glass
– secured and comfortable window accessories
– easy to install and regulate
– optimal combination of price and quality

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PVC windows for economical price

For summer houses we can offer economical window profiles in white with optimum number of swing parts. Windows are made using a unique optimization method. Windows are installed according to European standard. This way of producing and assembling window profiles will ensure maximum savings of your funds.

– standard color
– minimized opening
– the minimum fittings required
– without additional components
– in compliance with Latvian Building Regulations

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PVC windows for private houses

This type of windows comes in many shapes and colors. We recommend to choose glass units with 3-glazed units. The latest technology also allows for the production of arches, trapezoids, triangles, etc. configuration windows. Windows may be equipped with anti-theft windows and door closing mechanisms.

– individual window profile and shape solutions
– Wide range of colors
– insulating glass units
– additional security hardware options
– maximum number of combinations

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