uPVC window production process.

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Offer: Industrial production of uPVC window – process description

At first uPVC window completing components:
– uPVC profiles
– Window reinforcement steel reinforcement,
– Casement mechanisms
– Double-glazed windows,
– Window coverings profiles

Secondly uPVC window profiles are cut and reinforced with steel profiles:

Thirdly uPVC window corner alloying and processing:
– Window profile Alloying
– The corner window on smelting
– Corner window treatment
– The corner window of treatment

4th uPVC window seals and structural barriers to integration:

5th uPVC casement window sash mechanism of incorporation:

6th Insulating glass production:
– Glass sheet feeder
– Flat glass cutting,
– The insulating glass spacer bending and filling the “silica”,
– The insulating glass production

7th Plastic windows and plate glass iestikošana seize.